Voigtland Bengal-Kittens

We are proud to present a litter born 04/29/2014 to:

SIRE: Elysor Armani of Brockenmoor
DAM: Brockenmoor Speedy

Brockenmoor Speedy has given birth to two beautiful females-both outstanding but different. As we decided to keep a female of this breeding, it was pretty difficult to decide which one is to be a new star at Voigtland Bengals.

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Female #1

Female #1 out of Brockenmoor Speedy's litter shows a warm ground colour with beautiful very well placed dark-brown rosettes. She has short fur,lovely contrast and a strong body with a thick tail. Besides she has a beautiful wild looking face with a broad nose and nice big eyes and a great profil. She is very playful and friendly and though shows beautiful type and temperament. She is going to stay at Voigtland Bengals as a great addition to our cattery.

We are sorry, but she is not available.

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Female #2

Female #2 shows these extreme ink-black and very well placed rosettes on a light yellow ground color that give a wonderful contrast. Aside from the extremely short fur, she is very long and strong bodied and has a thick tail. She inherited this very well proportioned body and face that make her mother so special. Her very wild looking face- a broad nose with the puffy whisker pads, nice big eyes make up a great profil that looks just beautiful with the nice small rounded ears. She is a very friendly and playful cat, with super condition. She is a beautiful breeder quality kitten, even though we will let her go with tears in our eyes, as she is such a beautiful type of a Bengal kitten. Sorry she is not available any longer.