About us

We are Juliane und Lutz Schneevoigt owning Voigtland Bengals in Germany. Located in an area of hills and forests in Saxony called “Vogtland”, we decide to arrange Vogtland with the “voigt” in our name to Voigtland Bengals after we had struggled quite some time finding a cattery name.

Me (Juliane) - I have grown up at Brockenmoor Bengals. As many might know I have had Bengals around day-and night-time since the age of 10 years. I have been traveling through the USA seeing Bengal catterys since I was a child. When I was in mey teens I got to know Jean Mill of MILLWOOD and Judy Sugden of EEYAA and I am so thankful to be given the chance getting to know these people. Their dedication to the breed of these wonderful and special animals has never gone of me. It was at their catterys, when I got to know about the difficulties in raising Bengal kittens to the beautiful cats. This time would not let go of me and from time to time has strengthened my decision to study veterinary medicine and therefore has lead my life to where it is today.

Over the years the Bengals have developed a lot and have become more and more beautiful animals. Even though I am fascinated of all the beauty these animals emanate, it is my strongest wish to care for their health first. There is more to breeding Bengals than the idea of breeding excellent Bengals with the look of the wild Asian Leopard Cat and the behaviour of a lovely domestic cat. It is about giving a healthy start to every individual kitten’s life in the first place. It is my strongest wish to give the very best to health of the Bengal-breed.

After finishing my studies at the University of Leipzig I have started working as a veterinary surgeon at a veterinary clinic in Greiz in the area called Vogtland in the east of Germany. I am currently finishing my doctoral degree and have just started a further specialization in small animal medicine. Of course my interest is giving the best possible care- and health-management to my animal patients; nevertheless my special focus is on diagnostic imaging, especially ultrasonography and echocardiography.

My husband Lutz has studied real estate management in Leipzig, when we got in touch with each other and he got in touch with my Bengal Brockenmoor Heaven. When we meet our study colleagues from that time today, they would still tell the anecdote on Heaven’s defence of her designated place next to my pillow against him. One day, we were visiting my parents at home and came back with Brockenmoor Speedy who joined Lutz through the stressful part of his exams and made studying much easier by asking for cuddles from time to time. Today Lutz works in a local real estate company and Speedy even today knows exactly what time he is coming home as Speedy knows well about the fact that he loves to play with our cats and kittens for at least one hour.

We live in a two story apartment of more than 100 qm and our cats can join us whenever they want as they are provided free access to all areas of the apartment. It gives them far enough space to run and jump and keep their condition. They especially love the roof terrace where they can enjoy the warm evening sun when the weather is nice. Apart from that all our cats live inside. Even though we have a large garden, we are well aware of the risk infectious diseases can have when carried into a cattery. At the moment we do not have the possibility to place an own stud. Throughout the cooperation with Brockenmoor Bengals we are offered access to Brockenmoor Bengals studs.  

Our cats learned to get along with dogs as they have grown up with Anna and Arco, my parent’s German Shorthair Pointers. And they enjoy sleeping next to them every time my parents come for visit because they are so cuddly warm. All the previous kittens have enjoyed playing with children and many of them live in families with young children.   

I would like to thank my parents Birgit and Gerd Schneevoigt for giving me the chance of taking part in the development of the Bengal of the last 2 centuries at Brockenmoor Bengals. It has been a great pleasure growing up with these beautiful animals.

We are a small cattery and breed for high quality cats. All our basic Queens and Studs are from original Millwood bloodlines. We do work together with Brockenmoor Bengals with the aim of doing the best to achieve high breeding standard, but in 2013 Lutz and I decided that it was time to go on with a separate name and registered Voigtland Bengals with TICA:

For our high pregnant queens and mother cats with babies we have a special room where they can be active but also have their own flair to nurse their kittens. We keep each litter separately from all other cats and kittens to maintain a good health control. When kittens grow older they are provided access to parts of the apartment und supervision before they can run around own. This minimizes the risk of a too young kittens climbing up a high cat tree without finding a way back different from jumping or falling down. In addition kittens as well as cats have cat trees with many toys and therefore many possibilities to be active. Our home has huge windows and all Bengals enjoy that there is so much light coming in. As the kittens live with us they are very well socialized and lovely.  

We do only want to breed healthy queens to healthy studs in order to have healthy kittens. Therefore we show a great interest in physical and genetic health.

We do specialize in Bengals looking like a "Mini Leopard" with big brown rosettes or three-coloured pancake rosettes on a nice golden-orange background colour with a great contrast by showing the wild-looking face and type of the ALC.

We are not breeding for snow or marble, and all pedigrees are free of silver and blue without snow and marble.

We breed for:

  • health, activity and super condition
  • excellent three-coloured large rosettes on a golden or nice orange ground colour, with glitter and golden shine
  • dramatic contrast
  • very short and soft fur
  • excellent type with strong and long body
  • very wild looking faces with big eyes and a broad nose, small rounded ears and strong profile
  • very lovely behaviour and character