A Bengal coming home? Important information on Voigtland Bengal kittens


Health information

Kittens growing up at Voigtland Bengals stay here until they are ready to leave at about 4 month of age. During this time kittens go through several development periods (fuzzies etc.) and change their appearance a little as they are growing animals.

At this time all kitten are independent and eating well on their own and are playful and active very well socialized and litterbox trained as we breed for very high quality Bengals with lovely and sweet character.

All kittens have received regular deworming starting at the age of 4-6 weeks and are veterinary checked. Our kittens get their first adult vaccination against the pathogens of the cat flu-complex: Rhinotracheitis- and Calicivirus, Chlamydophila felis as well as Parvovirus, including rabies vaccination (RCPChlam+Rabies) at the age of 3 months. This time can change a little as we want every kitten to be strong enough at this point of time. Kittens will be microchiped at the same time. The second vaccination is done at the age of 4 month. These important vaccinations are shown in the pet passport (blue EU-Passport). All our kittens leaving Voigtland Bengals will have an actualy health certificate. They all are especially checked for possible visible genetic characteristics.

The new owners are therefore asked to have their new Voigtland Bengal kitten or cat evaluated and vet checked by their own trustful veterinarian. We suggest checking your new kitten or cat within the first 72 hours upon arrival.

Starting at 4 month they should be dewormed 4 times per year. As our kittens received their first adult vaccination RCPChlam and Rabies at 3 month of age, the new owner is asked to have the second RCPChlam vaccination given at their veterinarian no later than 4 weeks after the first one. As there are many vaccinations available, the new owners should decide together with his veterinarian what other vaccinations is necessary to be given.

All our Voigtland Bengal queens and the Brockenmoor Bengals studs as well are veterinary-checked regularly. They are screened negative against dangerous diseases in cats. Voigtland Bengals are screened negative for Trichomonas, Giardia, Coccidia, FIV/FeLV. Voigtland Bengals queens are screened negative for HCM and PKD (sonography). Brockenmoor Bengals are negatively screened cattery for HCM.

Our breeding stock keeps current on vaccinations against the pathogens of the cat flu-complex: Rhinotracheitis- and Calicivirus, Chlamydophila felis as well as Parvovirus and Rabies (RCPChlam+Rabies) and is tested free from Feline Leukemia. Our cats get regular dewormings.


Information on “paperwork” and pictures

All kitten leave with a 4 generation Voigtland Bengals pedigree and the TICA registration papers (blue slip for kittens, transfer Ownership (registration card) at cats. We are members at TICA (The International Cat Association).

The responsibility for the Voigtland Bengal kitten or cat goes over from the breeder to the new owner with all rights and duties. It is impossible for us, as breeders, to control maintenance, medication, handling, food, etc. once the kitten leaves us. Our kittens and cats leave with a contract according to their quality. All given vaccinations as well as the last deworming to Voigtland Bengal kittens are shown in the kittens own pet passport and on top of the contract. The date for the next important vaccinations will also be provided.

We start to make pictures of the kittens between 3-5 weeks of age. It is very hard to make the "perfect" picture. It takes a lot of time finding the ideal position of the kitten and the perfect light for photos. We understand that you like to see your kitten grow, but after the first pictures the kittens don't change a lot, then they come into the fuzzy time and are very active and playful. Please understand that we cannot give a constant update on pictures of your kitten. We provide another set of pictures when your kitten is about to be ready to leave and before it will be shipped or picked up. When you are living in Germany or close to us, you can visit us and our cats when the kittens are 3 month of age. We do not like those “very beautiful looking pictures” that have so much post-processing, that the picture does not show the actual kitten anymore. The pictures shown on our website are directly form our Nikon camera or do only have minimal post-processing.

We are pleased to give information about our Bengals and your kitten by email or phone anytime. Whenever you need help or a tip later on, we are there for you!


Feeding information

We feed our cats an optimal diet to give them the optimum they need to be strong and healthy kittens. All kittens are eating independently on their won by the time they are leaving. We do feed Hills kitten healthy development until the age of 12 month and suggest feeding Hills adult optimal care later on. Of course the new owner is free in the decision of the kitten’s food, but the change to a different food should always be done over a period of time. This is why every kitten is leaving with food for the first days in the new home.


Shipping information

It is possible to get your kitten at 14 weeks of age within Germany (2 weeks after full vaccination) and 30 days after the rabies vaccination international. For shipping kittens international, we have to accept the International Shipping Rules saying that we can ship 30 days after the rabies vaccination. Shipping within the European Union is easier and without waiting time now.

For International shipping of kittens we do work together with Gradelin Kennels at Frankfurt/Main airport and we do bring every kitten there on our own. We do ship our kittens worldwide via Lufthansa airlines, leaving from Frankfurt/Main International Airport to nearly every country in the world. This airline provides the safest way in shipping live animals and we have always been satisfied in the comfort they have. We will always try to coordinate the shipping of the kittens on a direct flight to its destination. Approved carrier is included in shipping.

Please feel free to ask for further details and for your specific country anytime.


Kitten quality information

We would like to give you some more information about what we mean with pet-, breeder-and show-quality. We hope this will help you to select your darling and to decide which kind of quality you prefer. Voigtland Bengal kittens and cats are priced according to their potential at the time of sale and our experience going back to past litters of the same breeding, not according to their final development as for the breeder it is not possible to guarantee for the kittens final development. With intensive selection we get our cats better and better each year and same as Brockenmoor Bengals breeds for brown rosetted cats and kittens only. We breed for a good type, short and clear fur, large three-coloured rosettes on a warm ground-colour, a strong profile and a nice face with small ears. Our cats do not carry for snow, silver and marble. Although there has never been a marble kitten at Brockenmoor, there is the existence of renitent genes that can show up after many generations.

---show quality---

If kittens show all these characteristics, to be great breeders and can go to cat shows with a realistic chance to win there, they are show quality. These are our best kittens. As every breeder has own breeding goals, the show quality kittens at Voigtland Bengals are most likely to meet our criteria of this goal. Show kittens are our highest price.

Show quality however does not imply that a kitten will win in each cat show as guaranties for show wins are not possible as there are many judges worldwide and each judge has his own ideal of how a Bengal has to look.

---breeder quality---

Not all kittens in a litter are show quality kittens. Kittens showing not all the important characteristics for a famous breeder, they are breeder quality. The decision between show and breeder quality is very carefully made. These breeder quality kittens can surely have very famous show quality kittens. Our breeder quality kitten are often shown on cat shows with lots of success, Showing a breeder quality cat on cat shows is possible, if you keep us informed first. Breeder kittens are lower priced then show kittens.

---pet quality---

There will always be kittens in a litter not meeting the strict criteria of show and breeder quality. Great looking kittens with some characteristic we do not want to breed with nor want somebody else to do so. Sometimes we just look for a nice and lovely pet home for this specific kitten because of its lovely character. These kittens are pet quality kittens. TICA registration papers of these kittens indicate them as not for breeding and not for showing. These kittens have our lowest price. They go with a special contract where the new owner signs that it will be neutered until 1 year of age. We try to find nice and lovely pet homes for our "pet quality kittens" where they can live together with their new family members.

---special pet quality---

Some people would like to have a "top quality Bengal" at home. Special pet quality kittens show have almost all characteristic of a show quality kitten, but the new owners do not want to breed. Most of these special pet quality kittens get the licence for shows. Special pet kittens have the same characteristics as breeder and show quality kittens (only the genetic not important).They may have small faults or small characteristics, so we do not want them to breed even though most of our special pets do not have any faults. We like to give male kittens as special pets as they do live together with people all their life but not as stud cat who usually gets separated due to spraying. A special pet kitten is a bit cheaper than show quality. Nevertheless all kittens are basically prized for their quality and special pet kitten get a discount. They have a different price and a different quality than a normal pet kitten.


Futher information

If you are interested in a Voigtland Bengals kitten, please feel free to contact us anytime. If you have special wishes for a kitten or you would like to get a kitten out of a litter coming soon, you can ask us anytime.

When you chose one of our kittens before they are ready to leave Voigtland Bengals, you will be asked to place a deposit for this kitten. This reserves the kitten to you. This deposit is non-refundable. Deposits depent on a specific kitten, to make sure it is yours. If something happened to your kitten before it leaves Voigtland Bengals (an accident etc.) but after you paid a deposit, you will be offered another kitten of the same quality.

Kittens growing up at Voigtland Bengals stay here until they are about 4 month of age and ready for shipping. During this time kittens go through several development periods (fuzzies etc.) and change their appearance a little as they are growing animals. When paying the deposit, you should be aware of this.